• Renata

Medical Plants collection and how it was created.

Studio wall covered in drawings.

Medical Plants collection consists of 31 fineliner drawings on textured paper. It is a celebration of unbelievable power and beauty of nature. Get lost in in details of lines with me.

Since the beginning of this year I had a big urge to create my own collection. I didn't have had any specific idea but I was sure I want to create a body of work which will bring me joy and will pull me in the process of creation. I was lately working on client projects a lot and I needed a break from that. It turned out that October was a good time for me to fulfill this urge. As autumn greeted us with darker, shorter and rainy days, it felt perfect to dive deep into the process.

The launch of Medical Plants collection will be on 7th December 2020 at 5 pm (GMT)

Working through the lines. Quietly and softly.

October is well known as Inktober for creatives across social media. It is a month long art challenge, originally created by Jake Parker in 2009, to develop positive drawing habit. Anyone participating in such challenge creates a drawing every day and posts it online to share with others. I really liked that idea for last couple of years but I never convinced myself to join someone.

This year was different. I wanted to take a break from the colourful world of watercolours I used in recent months. Ink or pencil drawings always help me to calm my mind as I'm able to concentrate only on lines without complex choices of colours. Line drawing is a form of meditation for me and it was exactly what I needed and in a right time for Inktober event. This year, I felt, that I not only want to join this wonderful community of creatives but I want to take the initiative to create my own list of 31 prompts.

Detail of Mountain Ash

How did it all started?

I have been gifted a book with plants in September and I just loved to flick through its pages before bedtime. It was making me calm and happy and at some point, when I was admiring beautifully illustrated petals of Echinacea, I thought to myself how wonderful it would be to create a collection of medical plants and flowers and learn about their healing properties. Everything started to fall in place and I felt the well known excitement of upcoming project.

My list of medical flowers and plants I shared with you on Instagram.

I created a list of flowers & plants and I shared it on my Instagram, hoping that at least one person would feel inspired to join me in this challenge. I never expected such wonderful engagement and positive feedback as I received! So many talented creative souls joined me and we created together a beautiful little community. Some were using fineliner, some painted with watercolours, some created digital drawings and some incorporated elements of flowers into more complex drawings. Some were creating with me each day, some created only their favorite flowers. Some created a collection of drawings for their portfolio, some were creating just for fun or to unwind, but everyone had the purpose to get creative, experiment with materials. Everyone found a moment for themselves and I am so grateful that I was able to contribute to this.

Our little community#drawflowertober is full of wonderful

creations of so many people.

This project was such a wonderful experience. It wasn't only about developing my idea, about creating a collection and learning about plants and flowers. It was about sharing the same passion, beauty and knowledge with others.

I found comfort in these drawings.

Each day had the same pattern. I started my days by drawing. It was my moment. The sound of quite music harmonised with the sound of scratching pen on a textured paper. Sips of freshly brewed tea.

Each day, after completion of a drawing, I was creating an Instagram post with healing properties of illustrated plant and I checked and shared all the beautiful work of others.

Did you know that...

Saffron is one of the most expensive spices due to its difficulty of harvesting.

Sunflower seeds are great source of protein, vitamin E, calcium, magnesium, potassium and iron.

Lavender is well known for its ability to calm down, soothe emotional and nervous tension, however, it also supports the digestive system and relieves pain.

Dog rose berries contain 20 time more vitamin C than orange. It strengthens the immune system, reduces sore throat and supports circulation.

Daisy when applied to skin helps reduce swelling, bruises and minor skin damage.

Sage is supporting digestion, protecting against bacterial and viral infection. It is a remedy for sore throat and the mouth and gums inflammation. Sage also reduces oxidative stress in the body!

I believe that such delicate minimal black line drawings would look lovely in any interior, in the comfort of your home. The launch of Medical Plants collection will be on 7th December at 5 pm (GMT) and I hope you will join me!